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If you would like to join Ryukoku University next Fall (September 2016) as an Exchange Student from one of our Partner Universities,application materials are now available for download from our website! Please check the gRyukoku University Guide for Exchange Studentsh for the May submission deadline. Welcome Packages will be sent to successful applicants in July, 2016. For more information regarding our Student Exchange Programs, please contact your home universityfs International Office.

We look forward to seeing you in beautiful Kyoto next year!


Ryukoku University was founded in 1639 in Kyoto, based on the teachings of Saint Shinran (1173-1263). In post-war Japan, Buddhism has perhaps been regarded as a relatively conservative and largely domestic religion. And yet, Buddhism has played an important role as a strong link between Japanese and overseas cultures since it was first introduced here as a "world religion" in the 6th century. Many kinds of art, thought and other phenomena of foreign cultures have been imported to Japan through Buddhism.

With todayfs globalization, our image of Buddhism has been gradually changing to one which has a more international role. After all, there is now nothing more highly evaluated in a globalized society than a traditional culture deep-rooted in the long history of a region. Kyoto now attracts many tourists and visitors from all over the world because of its rich historical heritage, a heritage which has Buddhism incorporated at its core.

Ryukoku University inherits the academic achievements of our predecessors in our history of more than 370 years. The fruits of our international activities are also abundant and continue to grow. Under the principles of our school motto of gSymbiosis Harmony,h we are fully aware that the promotion of global education is one of the most important tasks for us as a university today.
Ryukoku University
Ryukoku University April 2015 has seen the establishment of our new Center for the Promotion of Global Education, the successor to our International Center in operation since the 1980s, in order to accelerate the development of Ryukoku Universityfs international programs. In addition, 2015 brings the opening of our newly constructed Global Commons on both our Fukakusa and Seta campuses (in April and September, respectively). Both will serve as spaces for intercultural activities for Ryukoku students studying in Kyoto and Shiga.

The Center currently administers short- and long-term student exchange programs with more than 50 different universities in North America, Europe, the Pacific, Asia and Africa. The Center also manages the Japanese Culture and Language Program (JCLP) and Japanese Experience Program in Kyoto (JEP Kyoto). The former is a one-year intensive language course for international students in general and the latter is our program tailored specifically for exchange students pursuing studies in Japanese language, culture, and society at their home institutions.

The Center for the Promotion of Global Education also assists incoming students from abroad by arranging subsidized housing and providing information on available scholarships and events, as well as Japanese students wishing to study abroad, by offering various services and guidance.

We continue to look forward to maintaining our strong international connections in our network of partner institutions with which we have established agreements, as well as building new partnerships in a variety of locations and in various manners of arrangement around the world.

Our vision is to broaden our spectrum of undergraduate/graduate education and research. This will in turn help us to realize Ryukoku Universityfs goal of becoming a gGlocal (Global and Local) University seeking Symbiosis Harmony.h

Dean,Ryukoku University Center for the Promotion of Global Education
Professor,Faculty of International Studies@Ryugo Matsui
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