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Application Guide


Application Guide

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Maximum Enrollment:40 Students
Admission Per Semester:Approximately 20 Students


To qualify for admission into JCLP, the Applicant must fulfill one of the following conditions:

  1. The Applicant has completed (or is expected to complete a month before entry into JCLP) a twelve-year curriculum of education in a foreign country, or one which is recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as being of equivalent standard;
  2. The Applicant has completed (or is expected to complete a month before entry into the JCLP) a course of study, the curriculum of which is recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as equivalent to that of a Japanese high school;
  3. The Applicant is of an age equivalent to that of a Japanese high school graduate, and is judged by Ryukoku university to be of equivalent scholastic ability or higher.

As for Japanese study, the Applicant must have fulfilled one of the following conditions at the point of application:

  1. The Applicant has studied Japanese for more than 300 hours.
  2. The Applicant has passed the N4 Grade of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Please note:

Applicants who have previously been enrolled in another Japanese language institution within Japan for a period of one year or longer (up to the day of their inauguration into JCLP) are not eligible to apply.


In order to be admitted to the Ryukoku University JCLP, a Guarantor and a Financial Sponsor are necessary. The role of the Guarantor and the Financial Sponsor can be taken either by those who reside in Japan or in the Applicant's home country. In addition, the same person can act as the Guarantor and the Financial Sponsor.


The Guarantor takes full responsibility for the student's activities during his/her entire period in Japan. A Guarantor who is also the Financial Sponsor is responsible for all expenses incurred. Furthermore, a Guarantor acts as a mentor, in order to ensure that the student is able to devote him/herself to study, does not break Japanese law or contravene Ryukoku University regulations, and does not take part in undesirable activities outside the scope of his/her study.

The Financial Sponsor is responsible for all expenses incurred during the entire period of the student's stay in Japan.


Documents must arrive at the University within the time periods indicated below. This is an arrival deadline, not a postmark deadline.

SEPTEMBER ENTRY : 1 April 2024(Mon) − 6 May 2024(Mon)

APRIL ENTRY : 10 September 2024(Tues) − 27 September 2024(Fri)


Applications must be sent by post according to the following guidelines. All application materials must arrive by the last day of the application period.

APPLICATIONS WITHIN JAPAN Application documents must be sent by registered express mail "Kakitome Sokutatsu Yubin", to the address below.
APPLICATIONS FROM OVERSEAS Application documents should be sent by the fastest and safest international mail service (such as EMS).

Ryukoku University Japanese Culture and Language Program
67 Tsukamoto-cho, Fukakusa, Fushimi-ku, KYOTO 612-8577 JAPAN


※ Application fees are not refundable for any reason.

Payment from within Japan

Payment from Within Japan
Use the bank transfer form provided to pay the fee. Please have all particulars on the bank transfer form and the transfer receipt completed, including the Applicant’s name and the name of the person paying the application fee. Affix the transfer receipt (bearing the authorization of the bank) to the designated place on the application form.

Payment from Overseas

(1)Payment from Abroad
Foreign currency will not be accepted. Please make sure to remit the money in Japanese yen.The Applicant is responsible for all bank handling fees, including those charged in Japan and one's home country. Please confirm if there is a fee in your home country. Payment must be made to the university’s bank account. Bank drafts, personal checks, etc. will not be accepted. Please note that Japanese banks charge a handling fee of ¥1,500 for each bank transfer. As ¥15,000 is the amount to be received by the university, please prepare to send the amount of ¥16,500*. If the amount remitted is insufficient, your application will not be accepted. *Your domestic bank may also charge a handling fee. To avoid any problems, please be sure to consult with your bank before proceeding with the money transfer.

Affix the receipt of remittance (bearing the authorization of the bank at which the money was remitted), or a copy of that receipt, to the designated place on the application form.

  • Bank
    Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
  • Branch
    Kyotoekimae [TEL: (Japan 81) 75 371 2171]
  • Bank Address
    614 Higashi-Shiokoji-cho, Karasuma, Shiokoji-dori., Shimogyo-ku, KYOTO, JAPAN
  • Bank Swift Code
  • Bank Number
  • Account Type
  • Account Number
  • Account Name
    Board of Trustees, Ryukoku University

(2)Payments through Flywire

Please refer to the details provided in the entrance examination guidelines for further information.