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Center for the Promotion of Global Education

Dean's Greeting

グローバル教育推進センター長 政策学部教授 村田 和代
Kazuyo Murata
Dean, Center for the Promotion of
Global Education
Professor, Faculty of Policy Science

Hello, Everyone. I am Kazuyo Murata, Dean of the Center for the Promotion of Global Education (R-Globe). R-Globe is a platform for connecting the world. Our work focuses on developing partnerships with universities located internationally, and both sending students abroad and receiving students from overseas.

Here at Ryukoku University, our internationalization efforts are concretely focused on "developing global human resources who contribute to society" and "realizing a multicultural campus". We aim to cultivate capable individuals who possess rich humanity and education, are able to embody our school's founding philosophy in Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, and in having an understanding of one's own culture, also having the ability to be receptive of other cultures and diverse circumstances. Furthermore, we stress overall the importance of coexistence and peace through dialogue. Global human resources are not simply those who are active overseas. I feel that Ryukoku University aims for human resources who, with a global field of vision, are active in their local areas. For the purpose of creating a multicultural campus, it is necessary for our students to have the opportunity to interact in a carefree manner with international students, as well as diverse countries. It is the mission of R-Globe to provide multiple opportunities for such interaction.

At present (as of March 2017), more than 411 international students are studying with us. While such students are enrolled in our Faculties and Graduate Schools, we offer the Japanese Language and Culture Program which prepares students for entry into undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as the Japanese Experience Program in Kyoto (JEP Kyoto). Furthermore, in addition to JEP-J which is designed for those who have had previous Japanese language study, the JEP-E study course will commence from September 2017. This JEP-E study course is comprised of classes in English for students with no Japanese language study background. We earnestly desire to welcome international students from even more countries and regions to the city of Kyoto, a treasure house of traditional Japanese culture and historic architecture.

In regards to exchange study abroad for Ryukoku University students (As of March 2019, we have 108 Partner Universities in 32 countries and regions) and privately funded study abroad, Ryukoku University also has an overseas base at the Ryukoku University Berkeley Center (RUBeC), though which we provide the Berkeley Intercultural English (BIE) Program, offering language study and local fieldwork for both long and short-term. Overseas English language training is also provided as a general education course (3 weeks of language study in Australia during the Summer, 3 weeks of language study in Hawai'i in the Spring), as well as short term extracurricular programs for 2-3 weeks (Thailand, Singapore, Republic of Korea, etc.). From this year, we are joining with globally expanding enterprises to offer Project Based Learning through our new Global Career Program. In addition, our Global Commons space offers students several English learning opportunities, such as an English communication class, seminars by international students which introduce one's own country and culture, and discussions about English language newspaper articles.

I hope for even more students to turn their eyes to the world, and have the experience of learning through the experience of intercultural communication that "one person's common sense is not necessarily that of another". In this era, we cannot ignore the necessity for internationalization and globalization. I believe the acceptance of diversity through the cultivation of a flexible attitude will aid in the realization of "tomoiki (symbiosis)". It is my deepest wish to be able to contribute to the promotion of internationalization in ‘Ryukoku University fashion’.