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Application Form

Exchange Program Application Forms
(FALL, 2022)

Definition of “Exchange Student”:
A student from one of our Exchange Partner Universities that comes to study at Ryukoku University.

  • (00) Ryukoku University Guide For Exchange Students

  • (01) Notice for Ryukoku University Exchange Student
      Application Form

  • (02) Nomination Form Incomings_RU

  • (03) Checklist for Documents Submission(PDF Digital Input Possible)

  • (04) Application Form(PDF Digital Input Possible)

  • (05) Plan of Study at Ryukoku University

  • (06) Evaluation of Japanese Language Proficiency

  • (07) Letter of Recommendation

  • (08) Certificate of Health

  • (09) Ryukoku University Student Dormitory
      Application Form

  • (10) Application for Certificate of Eligibility

  • (11) Financial Support Questionnaire(PDF Digital Input Possible)

  • (12) Grid for Self-Assessment of Japanese Language Skills
      (CEFR Chart)

  • (13) Explanatory Sheet:Grid for Self-Assessment(CEFR Chart) and
      Organization of JEP Kyoto Classes


The document titled “02_Exchange Student Nomination Sheet” MUST be received directly from the home university.

*All documents included from (03) to (13) above must be submitted as exchange application materials.

*All exchange application documents must be sent to Ryukoku University directly from your home university, and the data must be delivered to our designated office email address by the deadline (Japan time). Please do not send the documents on your own.

*Please retain a copy for your own records.