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Application Form

Prescribed Forms
Exchange Application Fall 2024 Entry

* Online data entry of basic information is also required

Definition of “Exchange Student”:
A student from one of Ryukoku University’s Exchange Partner Universities

REQUIRED READING FOR ALL APPLICANTS (Please read before submitting your data and documents!):

  • Ryukoku University Guide For Exchange Students
     ※English Version
     ※Japanese Version
     ※Chinese Version

  • (1)
    Plan of Study at Ryukoku University
    (To be filled out by the Applicant)

  • (2)
    Evaluation of Japanese Language Proficiency
    (with institutional stamp included)
    (To be filled out by a Japanese Language Instructor)

  • (3)
    Letter of Recommendation(s)
    (To be filled out by an Academic Advisor/Instructor)

  • (4)
    Certificate of Health
    (To be filled out by the Applicant’s Physician)

  • (5)
    Student Dormitory Application Form
    (To be filled out by the Applicant)

  • (6)
    Application for Certificate of Eligibility
    Notes and Supplementary Information for Completing a Application form for a certificate of eligibility
    *To be filled out by the Applicant
    *Please be sure to read the notes and sample to fill out the form.

  • (7)
    Grid for Self-Assessment of Japanese Language Skills
    (To be filled out by the Applicant - Select One)
     ※English・Japanese Version
     ※Chinese Version

    Explanatory Sheet:Grid for Self-Assessment(CEFR Chart) and Organization of JEP Kyoto Classes
     ※English Version
     ※Japanese Version
     ※Chinese Version


*Applicants must have already been nominated by their Home University through our online system.

*All documents above (from 1 to 7) above must be submitted. Applicants must also be sure to complete data input of their basic information.

*All basic data input and prescribed document submission should take place by the final submission deadline. [Submission Deadline: May 12th, 2024]

*The Applicant should retain a copy of all data and prescribed forms for their own records.

*In addition to the above items (1) through (7), you must also provide a [Passport-style ID Photo], [Image of your Passport Photo Page], an [Official Transcript], and [Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Score Certificate, if available]. For details, please follow the instructions of the person in charge at your Home University.