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Living in Japan : Student Voices

Student Voices

KUKULKA Neil from America

KUKULKA NeilLiving in a foreign country is an excellent way to challenge yourself and grow as a individual. The Japanese language program at Ryukoku University has been more than I would have thought to ask for from such a program. The teachers are very dedicated to making sure their students get the most out of the program and from their time in Japan. The International Office staff was also incredibly helpful with whatever problems that came up, as were the Ryukoku students, both Japanese and foreign. In the same way that Kyoto is a unique and special place within Japan, Ryukoku holds a similar place among the many schools of Kyoto.

GEAL Kieran from Australia

GEAL KieranI think what sets Ryukoku University apart from the rest is that it is very accessible and easy to commute from one place to another. Its facilities are only a short distance from one another, and the best part, each facility has its own canteen (食堂) which has a wide selection of delicious Japanese foods to choose from. The facilities themselves are very nice. The campus has also many garden and bench areas where you can simply just rest or hang out with friends. Ryukoku University is situated between two separate train lines which make it ideal for commuting to and from school. Overall, its atmosphere and people make it a very warm and welcoming place. I know you will enjoy it as much as I did!

SALMI Taina Marita from Finland

SWOBODA NicoleA study at Ryukoku University in Kyoto is a chance in your lifetime! When I first saw Ryukoku University I was really impressed by the appearance and the nice atmosphere. At this university you will have the chance to study a lot of different interesting subjects in an international ambiance. If you are interested in Buddhism study then Ryukoku University should be your first choice, because it is famous in the whole Japan as a Buddhism University since the 16th century.

SALMI Taina Marita from Finland

SALMI Taina MaritaPersonally I find Ryukoku University a very beautiful and harmonious place to study. Perhaps it is the Buddhist atmosphere. The campus in Fukakusa is located near both train and subway stations, making it easily accessible no matter where you live in the city. I was also positively surprised when I learned that one of the most well-known shrines in Kyoto, Fushimi Inari, is only a walking distance away from the campus. I’ve come to love that particular shrine and its torii pathway and therefore can appreciate the closeness.