JCLP Student Voices

Student Voices

HOLLAND Mattew James
(2009 JCLP Student from Canada)

I spent a year at a university in Osaka where I first started studying Japanese language, and subsequently became so engaged in it that I decided I wanted to really pursue it seriously. I sought out a good Japanese education program targeted at those continuing study (or work, etc.) domestically. I happened to come across Ryukoku University, and now I know how fortunate that was. When I entered the program, my speaking wasn't really an issue, but everything else was. My reading and writing skills were not good enough for academic purposes.
HOLLAND Mattew James (2009 JCLP Student from Canada)
After going through the JCLP, I feel that I can absolutely recommend the program for anyone seeking a solid, well-rounded advancement in their language skills. In the JCLP classes, grammar, reading speed, deep understanding of subject matter, conversation and listening, everything was exercised and my progress in Japanese Language really surprised me. Newspapers and novels are now completely readable, and instead of studying Japanese now, I'm studying economics out of a Japanese textbook, preparing research and studying to get into a graduate school here.

Besides the classes, the cafeteria at the Fukakusa campus is tremendous, and (other cities I've lived in) living in Kyoto is really about as good as it gets!


HOLLAND Mattew James

(2009 JCLP Student from Germany)

When I arrived in Japan I was excited about what is going to happen and what the start of my time in Japan was going to be like. During the first weeks in Japan the tutors of my dormitory saved my life more than one time. They helped me with all the registration procedures and helped me to find a fitting mobile phone contract, so that my start in Japan went quite smoothly though my Japanese was still not very good.
After a whole week of Japanese placement tests, the University classes started, and I was surprised by the motivation given and the helpfulness of the teachers. The staff at the Ryukoku University R-Globe are well aware of all the difficulties that international students face at the beginning, and everyone does their best to help. MATTE Anja (2009 JCLP Student from Germany)
While studying at Ryukoku University one has the chance to immerse in Japanese culture, as contact with Japanese students is quite easy to find through parties and programs. That’s the reason my Japanese improved much faster than I thought - all my friends and my surroundings were just as I wished to be, full of the real Japanese life.
Even after you have settled well into your life in Japan, you still have the tutors to hang out with, parties to attend and the R-Globe still has an open ear for any problems you face. Basically, life at Fukakusa Campus of Ryukoku University is quite an interesting one and is always full of new things to learn.
I can recommend the JCLP Program a lot and I think it is probably one of the best experiences in my life.


Dennis Plamondon
(2007 JCLP student from Canada)

Learning Japanese at Ryukoku University far exceeds the satisfaction of being immersed in the Japanese culture. Although it is an old institution, the modern buildings of the Fukakusa campus are set in a very nice and homogeneous red brick pattern around a rectangular open space with concentric and circular shapes that foster occasions for regular meetings and encourage communication among students. And, there is more to this. The charms of Kyoto and its surroundings capture your attention on a daily basis. Dennis Plamondon (2007 JCLP student from Canada)
In such a city, your learning abilities evolve rapidly with this fantastic exchange phenomenon of fusion between lasting physical memories of the past and the current life existence of modern Japanese. I feel very privileged to live and study here and I strongly recommend this educational experience to Japanese language students around the world.

Dennis Plamondon

Daniel Wickstrom
(2007 JCLP student from USA)

After applying to the program all of my preparations went smoothly in order to move to Japan. Once I arrived, I received plenty of help from the dorm tutors in order to get the rest of my needed paperwork and such completed. The only problem that I had with the program was forgetting that it is customary in Japanese colleges to take an entrance exam or placement test, so I thought I was placed into a class that was lower than my capability. However after the first week, I, along with other students, was allowed to take another test to try and move up a class level. But aside from that minor drawback at the beginning, so far my experience through coming to Japan and entering into JCLP has been good.

If you are interested in studying in Japan and have an interest in learning about Japanese culture of the Kyoto area, this is a great program and opportunity to further your language skills and understanding of a foreign culture. The school is located in the center of Kyoto so in your free time there is always someplace or something to do. For myself, I cannot complain about the contents of the classes because coming here to improve my Japanese proficiency, I feel that this program has been very helpful. Not only that but once in Japan, you have all the opportunities to pursue any other interest you might have in Japanese culture or furthering your education here.

Daniel Wickstrom