Application from Within Japan


It is possible to apply through telemail. After clicking the button below, follow the directions and enter the information requested (your shipping address, etc.)

Submit by Telemail

It is also possible to access telemail by cell phone and laptop computer. In that case, please be sure to enter the number below which corresponds to the documents you would like to receive. Afterwards, please follow the directions carefully and enter the requested information (your shipping address, etc.)

*Admissions Package for International Students (Spring Entry) 388201
*Admissions Package for International Students (Fall Entry) 388204

(Each Admissions Package includes details for Regular International Students and Short-Term International Students related to admissions procedures for each Faculty and Graduate School, as well as an Application Form.)

Telephone (Automated Recording): 050-8601-0101
URL Link:

Direct Request

An Admissions Package may be requested by postcard, fax, e-mail, or telephone. Please be sure to specify the following: (1) Name of Requested Document, (2) Shipping Address, (3) Name, and (4) Telephone Number.

By Postcard

Ryukoku University
Center for the Promotion of Global Education
re: Request for Application Documents
67 Tsukamoto-cho, Fukakusa,
Fushimi-ku, Kyoto 612-8577


Re: Request for Application Documents





It is preferable for us to receive a request by fax. If you have not received the materials within one week of sending your request, please call the Ryukoku University Center for the Promotion of Global Education at 075-645-7898