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Studies JCLP

Ryukoku University was established in 1639, as a seminary of the Hongwanji Temple. Today the university has seven faculties, a junior college, eight graduate schools, and JCLP, distributed among two campuses in the city of Kyoto and one in Shiga Prefecture. Among the approximately 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students there are approximately 500 international students from many countries around the world.

The Japanese Culture and Language Program (JCLP) is a one-year intensive course, centered on the Japanese language and a variety of Japanese affairs. It is ideal for students with an interest in Japanese language and culture, or those preparing for entry into a Japanese university.
Features of JCLP
(1) Students are evaluated on their Japanese language proficiency every semester and then placed into a suitable Japanese Language class based on their proficiency. Classes are held in the mornings Monday through Friday, and on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.
(2) There are various elective subjects in the afternoon such as Japanese culture, society, etc.
(3) Students can learn about Kyotofs traditional culture and entertainment through activities outside the classroom.
(4) Students have access to all facilities available to regular Ryukoku students.
(5) Recommendation for acceptance into all the Ryukoku faculties and the Junior College are available.

Program Inauguration
The Program begins in April (1st Semester) and September (2nd Semester). You can start from either semester to complete your one-year program.

Curriculum Contents
(1)JCLP Curriculum (PDF 41KB) ¨@MORE
(2)Class Contents
Japanese Language: Based on the results from the Placement Test (which students will take upon entry into the course), students will be assigned a class most suitable to their level.
Japanese Culture and Technology: These subjects enable students to acquire a better understanding of Japanese history, literature, society, economy, etc. These classes are taught by regular faculty instructors in Japanese.
Special Lectures: There is a Japanese Language and Proficiency Test preparatory class, an Introduction to Japanese culture class as well as other classes conducted in English..
(3) Sample weekly class schedule (PDF 37KB) ¨@MORE

Program Term and Completion
The length of the program is one year. A studentfs completion will be recognized when they have@studied in the program for one year and have been awarded the required credits for completion@(24 credits from the compulsory subjects, Japanese Language A & B and 8 credits from among@the elective subjects.)

Academic Calender
  1st Semester (2010) 2nd Semester (2010-2011)
Inauguration Orientation April 1-5 September 16-21(Tentative)
Classes Begin April 9 September 24
Classes End July 21 January 19
Examinations July 22-August 3 January 20-February 1
Completion Ceremony September 17 March 17


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